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think, that you are not..

Category: Alternative

Why Did You Say Im Sorry (Instrumental) - Vanessa - Why Did You Say Im Sorry (Vinyl)

by Faular


  1. Yeah, you were always his and all I ever was was sorry I'm my own invention An unfulfilled and underwhelmed work of art. I'm desperate for your affection It's hopeless, I know, but that's just who I am. It's like my mind has mirrored walls And you're standing in the middle. I'm equal parts self-doubt and confidence.
  2. Official Vanessa Williams You Don't Have To Say You're Sorry lyrics at CD Universe. You don't have to say you're sorry We all make mistakes, I've made my share, Oh. You don't have to say you're sorry I don't need those words to kno.
  3. That is so true! Thank You for adding this. The words “I’m sorry IF.” indicate that (perhaps) the person saying the words is not entirely clear/sure of what it is they’re apologizing about. Not only that, but perhaps it’s not entirely relevant to even say “I’m sorry if ”, according to .
  4. What I'm trying to say is I'm really sorry I couldn't be there for you. I'm sorry I wasn't there to talk to you when I should have been, I'm sorry I left you alone for so long, and I'm sorry I wasn't able enough to tell you straight forward how I felt when I had the chance. But most of all, I'm sorry I couldn't make more of an effort to let you.
  5. Jan 26,  · “I’ll say sorry when you say sorry.” The sets up the apology to be a competition where one person needs to be right and can only admit to wrongdoing when someone else goes first. “I’m.
  6. May 10,  · You don’t. “I’m sorry if I upset you” is you letting her know you aren’t sorry for what your said or did. Clearly she is upset. There is no “IF” about it. Do you know why she is upset? Did you mean for her to be upset? Do you think just pretending.
  7. Nov 18,  · When You Say, "I'm Sorry For Being So Focused On Work" I dated a guy who made it a point to tell me that my ambitions were "emasculating." It made me feel terrible, and I apologized often.
  8. You said you did not want to be burned. You said it clearly for the three of us to hear. I’m sorry that afterwards I didn’t fight harder for you. That I was not strong enough to speak up. I’m sorry that I did not shout your truth from the top of my voice from the highest plain so as to grant you the dignity that you deserved after death.

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